His Journey as a Creative

Chen is an artist with a background in Fine Arts and Animation, Specializing in illustrations and watercolor works, Chen uses art to capture the beauty of different sceneries, spaces and nature especially during his travels, enabling him to fully indulge in the present moment and remember every detail.

Chen's journey has not been without challenges. He lost his left eye during his growing years, significantly impacting his depth perception. Rather than succumbing to this setback, he embraced it, incorporating an impressionistic approach into his landscapes. This unique perspective, characterized by simplified colors and shapes, has become a hallmark of his visual language.  Fortunately, he regained the majority of his vision in his later years; however, the remnant scars still remain in his eyes, where he uses the diffused and blurry vision for his works.

Exploring Diverse Industries

Chen has worked in various industries, including the games industry, where he refined his expertise in user experience, interactive and engagement at companies like Koei Tecmo and Gamelab. He also developed his technical knowledge in 3D asset creations with Unreal and Maya during game production periods. His transition to the entertainment industry at Mediacorp deepened his understanding of audience engagement, business development, scriptwriting, hosting and the power of creative collaboration.

Fine Arts and Beyond

Outside of his professional pursuits, Chen finds solace in the realm of fine arts. As a practicing fine artist, he explores watercolor and graphite mediums, continually seeking new perspectives and approaches. The practice of fine arts reminds him of the necessity of constant practice and the wisdom gained from embracing diverse viewpoints.

Chen's heritage series, which includes paintings of iconic landmarks such as Katong Peranakan shophouses and the famous Tong Ah Eating House on Keong Saik Street, aims to capture significant landmarks not just in Singapore but across the globe. In 2017, he published "Xi the World," a compilation of sketches from his time at Mediacorp Caldecott Hill. Chen has collaborated with notable brands like PlayStation, G-Shock, and Samsung to produce artistic content, further enriching his portfolio

In 2023, Chen relocated from Singapore to London to pursue a Master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management at King's College. This move allowed him to further refine his skills in curating and bridging the gap between artistic expression and cultural management.